Chile en Nogada: A Tribute to Mexican Gastronomy

Let yourself be captivated by our seasonal culinary gem: our exclusive Chile en Nogada. This traditional dish, an icon of Mexican gastronomy, has its roots in the colonial era and represents a true celebration of Mexican flavors, colors, and traditions, which will be available from July 1st to September 30th.


The Origin of Chile en Nogada: A Cultural Legacy


A dish with a rich and fascinating history dating back to the year 1821, when Mexico achieved its independence. Legend has it that this delicacy was created in Puebla to celebrate the birthday of Agustín de Iturbide, the military leader who played a significant role in the country’s fight for independence.


At that time, the Augustinian nuns of the Convent of Santa Mónica in Puebla wanted to prepare a special dish for the occasion, and with ingenuity and creativity, they devised the Chile en Nogada. The choice of ingredients was not random; each of them was related to the colors of the Mexican flag: the poblano chili represented green, the white nogada represented white, and the scattered pomegranate seeds added the touch of red. Thus, the dish became a culinary and cultural celebration of the recently obtained independence.


Mantela’s Exclusive Proposition


We pay tribute to this culinary creation and present our own interpretation of the iconic dish. With a contemporary and unique twist, our recipe consists of a filling of braised short rib, slow-cooked to achieve a tender and juicy texture. The blend of raisins, pears, apples, and nuts enhances the flavors of the meat and adds a note of sweetness and freshness that harmonizes perfectly with the poblano chili.


But undoubtedly, one of the standout elements of this dish is the traditional nogada. Prepared with Castilla nuts, toasted almonds, parsley, and other secret ingredients, the nogada adds a smooth and creamy texture that embraces the palate in a hug of flavor. The fresh pomegranate provides the final touch, bringing a burst of color and a bittersweet taste that ties the dish together.

Seize the season and let yourself be captivated by the traditional flavors and sophistication of Mantela. Reserve now and follow us on our social media channels.